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Fenton Right to Life

assisted living for the elderly

Whether you are looking for a place for yourself or for a loved one, finding the right facility is a difficult task. As you may have already discovered, there are hundreds of facilities in the area with varied levels and types of assistance. We are providing the following list as a possible resource to help you find and evaluate facilities in your area. These services can match your needs to the different facilities in the area that you wish to reside. There are also ratings based on State Inspections that you may request to see.


The following services are, for the most part, free. It should be noted however that this is both a blessing and a problem. Some of these companies/agencies are paid by the

Nursing Home and Assisted Living Rating and Referral Resources
provided as a resource by Fenton Right to Life

facilities that they are evaluating and recommending. This could be seen as a conflict of interest. You should ask any company/agency that you are receiving advice from to tell you who is paying for their service.


Fenton Right to Life does not receive any compensation from any of these companies/agencies. Fenton Right to Life does not endorse or recommend any of these companies/agencies and is only providing this list as a possible resource to assist you in finding the best facility to meet your needs. Fenton Right to Life cannot be held responsible for any decision you make based on the recommendations of any of these companies/agencies. This list may change periodically as we find new resources or are informed of problems with any of the resources listed. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in the use of this resource.

Companies are Listed Alphabetically

A Place for Mom

For Assistance finding care and housing contact:
Toll-free: 1-877-MOM-DAD9 (1-877-666-3239)


Corporate Headquarters:
221 - 1st Ave West, Suite 350
Seattle, WA 98119-4285
Tel: (206) 285-4666

Boomer's Roadmap to Aging in Place

Aging in place is an attractive option for many baby boomers and retirees who value independence and living life on their own terms. This lifestyle choice is a commitment to remaining in the home that you know and love, rather than relocating to a retirement community or assisted living facility.

Care Patrol

The Care and Safety They Need.
The Quality of Life You Want Them to Have.

Let Us Recommend a Senior Living Community in Your Area

Concierge Care Advisors

Locally owned and operated, Concierge Care Advisors finds the best options in communities and care for every phase of senior living.

Financial Resources for Seniors

Retirement Resources for Boomers and Seniors

Health Grades

Feel better about finding healthcare

Legal Planning for Alzheimer's and Dementia

A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Their Families

When you or someone you love is diagnosed with a progressive disease like Alzheimer's or dementia, you face a number of serious considerations, and many of those considerations need to be made quickly before the disease has a chance to progress. In addition to decisions about care, doctors, medical treatments and therapies, this is the time to make some legal decisions to plan for the future. The sooner you create an estate plan, the greater the likelihood that the patient will be able to express his or her full wishes, ensuring that the estate plan is exactly what he or she would want. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you through this process.

Making the Move to Assisted Living

Assisted Living Facilities

Is an assisted living home right for you? Find tips for choosing the right facility and making the transition easier.

Our Parents

Our 400 Senior Living Advisors across the U.S. and Canada

Every family has a unique story. Understanding that story is the key to helping you find the right living arrangement for your loved one. That’s why we have always connected families to real, local Senior Living Advisors.

Whether you prefer modern assisted living communities or the comfort of residential care homes, you'll find real senior living reviews you can trust on Thousands of families have shared their unbiased reviews of alzheimer's care homes, nursing homes , retirement communities, and more. Add your own review of senior housing in your area and help senior care seekers around the country find the best care for their aging loved ones.

Senior Health Resources

     People in the U.S. are living longer than ever before. Many older adults live active and healthy lives. But there's no getting around one thing: as we age, our bodies and minds change. You need to know what to expect. Some changes may just be part of normal aging, while others may be a warning sign of a medical problem. It is important to know the difference, and to let your health care provider know if you have any concerns.

     Having a healthy lifestyle can help you to deal with normal aging changes and make the most of your life. This includes healthy eatingregular physical activity, and making mental health a priority.

Other Helpful Links for Seniors and Caregivers

Guide to Senior Nutrition

     As your body ages, its dietary needs change. In your older years, your activity levels may go down, and your metabolism will slow. This means you won’t need as many calories as you did when you were young and active. Learning to eat well for your age can help stave off a number of health conditions, helping you to save both time and money normally spent on trips to the doctor.

     If you have any chronic conditions common with aging, such as heart disease or diabetes, what you eat becomes even more important. At RetailMeNot, we want you to enjoy a healthy, active adulthood, and so we have created this guide to healthy nutrition for the aging and elderly.

Moving Tips for Seniors

Moving is a big job, but when you're a senior and you're moving from the home you've raised your family in to something smaller, you have some specific considerations you have to make. You can take measures to reduce the stress of the days ahead. Here's a guide to help you through the process as you get ready to downsize and prep for your move.

Veterans' Benefits for Seniors

Since 2011, the Senior Veterans Service Alliance has provided information and assistance with veterans benefits. We are not a recognized veterans service organization nor are we affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs, but we serve the same purpose by assisting with benefits through our accredited representatives. We are a nonprofit organization. We do NOT charge fees for assistance with original veterans benefits applications.

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