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Fenton Right to Life

life chain

In Memory of the Over

60 Million Babies...

Since the Supreme Court decision of Roe Vs. Wade in 1973 over 62,502,904* babies have been killed.


On the first Sunday in October Fenton Right to Life joins pro-life organizations throughout the country protesting this horrible decision and remembers those lost innocent lives by forming a Life Chain. We stand in silent protest, holding signs, and praying that this decision be overturned. Please join us and make your feelings known.

* Source: Christian Life Resources For Life, For Family —

"If my people, who are called by my name,

will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,

then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Thank you for being part of this Ministry.

Life Chain Information


Please Join Us! Thank You!

2021 Life Chain


The 2021 Life Chain will be on Sunday, October 3rd -- the first Sunday of the month. Fenton Right to Life meets each year on the public sidewalk that runs along Silver Parkway across from the Lucky's Restaurant. As always Fenton Right to Life provides the signs. Please join us this year at 1:30 PM and we stand quietly praying and meditating on God's word for about 60 minutes.


We had representation from at least five Churches last year.  Please let your church know about this event; perhaps your church will announce it or post it in your service program or on their bulletin board.
Please plan on joining us — it's only 1 hour and it's a very visible way to show our community that babies are dying every day.
Just to assure you; this is a totally legal gathering. See the Life Chain Code of Conduct below.

Fenton Right To Life extends our thanks to those who participated in last year's National Life Chain and for those that couldn't be there but joined us in prayer.

More Details and Instructions about the Life Chain

(from the National Life Chain)


The Life Chain is a prayer service. Upon arrival, warmly greet your fellow Chainers and then begin to pray. Please do not talk. Let us pray and meditate continually, with eyes closed some of the time (if not watching small children), and let us feel free to kneel and pray (please do not lie down). Our need for God's divine intervention is critical, and we must not waste this precious hour.
As we join hundreds of thousands of fellow Americans and Canadians in prayer, let each of us trust in our Lord and not in ourselves or in our numbers. Our own efforts have failed to end or to substantially reduce the abortion holocaust now afflicting our nation. May God intervene with power and mercy. May He Forgive our past indifference and shallow commitment. May His Church rise up united against abortion's horrors. And may He equip us with a divine strategy to end the unconscionable killing of unborn children in our nation.
If our Life Chain is a true hour of prayer, God will faithfully honor it, as He has promised. Please help make this hour a turning point in the destiny of our nation.

The Life Chain Code of Conduct


Together, they emphasize the critical importance of Christian behavior in a public setting. With the Code of Conduct on the back of each sign, it is less needful that it be passed out separately, but Chainers still must know what is expected of them before coming to the LIFE CHAIN. To this end, pastors can play an important role in preparing their congregations. Please urge them to do so.
1 — Be humble but be bold as you stand today against the greatest injustice our nation has ever faced.
2 — In the spirit of Christian love, commit to being peaceful, prayerful, and polite, in word and deed. Any misconduct from passersby should be met with silence, which will convey your inner peace.
3 — Do not respond to motorists. Please stay silent and prayerful and your response to any situation will be proper. Do not wave or gesture. Do not frown or smile in response to motorists. Our mission is to pray and stand against abortion—with the solemnity our mission deserves.
4 — Help others. Watch for mothers (and dads) who need help with children, and assist the elderly with chairs and other needs.
5 — Pick up any trash near you before leaving your area.
6 — Drive carefully, and park legally. Buddy-up, if possible, to minimize traffic woes. Use crosswalks, and do not hold up traffic. Watch your small children at all times. During the Chain, stand back from the street and do not extend your sign over the curb. Give immediate passage to other pedestrians. Only small children should eat during the LIFE CHAIN.
7 — Thank you for being a strong public witness for Christ and for being an exemplary citizen in our local area.

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